Three-and-a-Half is the Perfect Age to Learn about Zombies

zombie child

Last month, rained out of a zoo playdate, the other mom suggested a movie: ParaNorman. “Monkey’s not afraid of zombies is he?” As far as I know, the only thing Monkey is afraid of is falling asleep and missing a chance to ruin mommy’s sex life. I remembered seeing a preview for ParaNorman. Cute animation. [...]

A Practical Approach to Surviving the Apocalypse

blood moon

Americans love to think of ways the world might come to a gruesome end. Zombies, global pandemics, aliens, asteroids, nuclear war, global warming, or an angry Judeo-Christian or Mayan god. Although people may disagree on the time and means, everyone seems to agree that the world is screwed. I’m beyond arguing that any of these [...]

One Plus Is Zombies Never Have Celine Dion At Their Wedding

Twilight - Boys that sparkle

Back when Twilight-mania reached a fever pitch I was all for the sparkly boys! (In the by-chance you’ve lived under a rock and never heard of Twilight: Vampire meets Girl, they fall in love, Vampire doesn’t eat Girl, there’s no bacon involved.)(It’s also a series written for teens.)(There’s no S.E.X.)(At all) Along with the Twilight [...]