The Aiming Low Inner Sanctum

Radio Station

So this is the place!  The Aiming Low inner sanctum.  I’ve always wondered what it was like in here. I’ve been looking through the windows from the Guest Post room. Longingly. Hang on a moment while I have a look around. Wow…they’ve got snacks in here. Hershey’s from NonCon…I’ll just stuff these peanut butter cups [...]

Let’s Just Be Friends, Mmmkay?

never getting back together

From the buzz I’ve been hearing, people have some fairly cut and dry opinions of Taylor Swift’s song “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.” It’s either a song people love, a song people love to hate, or a song people hate to love. I am one who happens to love the song. No matter [...]

Nerds, Stand Up!


  I managed to dodge the braces bullet, but I wore glasses. Not just any glasses, either. I had to wear bifocals, and this was long before you could get the fancy “invisible line” bifocals, too. I was in middle school with granny glasses. I loathed them. Kids today buy non-prescription, nerd-frame glasses as fashion accessories. I think [...]

There Is No Spoon….Or Fork….Or Windows XP

The Matrix Code

I’m supposed to let Robin and Britt do all the funny videos and photos, but sometimes I see something that is worth risking my friendship.

A Potentially Explosive Web Site

When I was a teenager, I had perfect skin. Really—I never had breakouts or blackheads or any need for that staple of teens everywhere…zit cream. I could fall asleep with makeup on, wear sunscreen all day long and sweat in the Florida heat with nary a blemish. Sadly, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve fallen prey [...]