When Pigs Flew

aiming low

Oh how I love to think about the young women in my life and their lives ahead of them…so full of hope! As my daughter enters teenagehood I think about all of the possibilities and our discussions over the past couple of years. Study in Amsterdam. Become a teacher. Be a signer. Be a writer.  [...]

Dead or Alive and Other Extremes That No Longer Interest Me


I can’t do extremes any more. I consider it a clear sign of my oldness. Fuck hot, screw cold. I want a nice toasty warm and I want it with a marshmallow, thank you very much. I can’t do the far end of the spectrums any more. I don’t gush and I can’t stomach tantrums. [...]

Feminism NOT Someone’s Thing? Seriously?

we can do it

Years ago, I sat in the ninth circle of hell, a.k.a a “training session.” A young woman in her early 20s moderated. “Tomorrow, we have SoAndSo speaker, they’ll be discussing the evolution of the feminist movement in the Blahblah room.” She then rolled her eyes and continued, “I mean, I’m not a feminist or anything, [...]