The A-A-B-B Rule of Life


A-A-B-B. That 4-letter magic formula will get you to some smart places in life, as good as the A-B-C rule, “Always Be Closing.” A-A-B-B is Avoid, Acceptable, Borrow, or Buy. And we’re not just talking the material world. You can apply A-A-B-B to all areas of your life; people, things, events, situations. You can A-A-B-B [...]

Real World Yoga

Like everyone else who is an American, I need to de-flab and de-stress.  Those yoga people always look super serene and lithe, and not that I hate them with a Gwyneth Paltrow level of despising, but I do hate them just enough that I want to be like them. (To clarify, I do NOT want [...]

Inappropriate Yoga Guy


I pulled out of the office parking lot on two wheels, so hell-bent was I on making my 12:15 Wednesday yoga class — the peaceful hump-day oasis sandwiched within my week long progression of acrimonious horseshit. I made decent time on the interstate, but by the time I’d wheeled my vehicle into the parking lot, [...]