Urine Luck

What you are about to hear is an interesting story, But it’s not about goals, feats, or glory. It’s simply about a man named Ray, Who discovered quite an unusual talent one day.   You see, all his life Ray only ate meat, He avoided fruits and veggies, and other healthy things to eat. Until [...]

5 Things I’m Too Old for Now


I’m 24 years-old now, and though that apparently makes me an adult in the eyes of everyone but the rental car industry, I sometimes forget that I’m not a teenager anymore. It happens every so often, like when my ID gets the once over at the liquor store, and I have to remind myself that [...]

Sometimes You Should Just Drink Beer


When I was 21 I knew how to do four things: 1. Drink beer 2. Throw and catch a little white ball 3. Be stupid 4. Drink beer Since half of my skill set was drinking beer, when a lacrosse buddy offered me a bartending job at the restaurant he managed, I jumped on the [...]

Wine Lips


It doesn’t matter if it’s one glass or four, I get the wine lips. Since my apartment is pretty much the place where wine goes to die, I’ve looked into preventing this reaction. We all know wine isn’t the most hydrating refreshment on the market. I’m generally a dry person… dry skin, dry humor, dry [...]

Fat Chick Fashion Plea

Dear Clothes Designers, I am a big girl, always have been. All it takes is a look at me or the inside of my refrigerator and it’s obvious. Even at my lightest weight I am still 5 foot 10, broad in the shoulders and with large beautiful breastages thanks to the wonders of no children [...]