“Your wife is a sasquatch, isn’t she, Gus?”

Goonie Goo Goo

To: Tricia@emailaddy.com From: YourHairStylist@emailaddy.com You have an appointment for a haircut and wax on Thursday at 10:30 am. Please respond to this email regarding your intention to attend this appointment. ———— To: MyHairStylist@emailaddy.com From: Tricia@emailaddy.com Goonie Goo Goo.   Every five weeks, this is the interaction I have with my hairstylist’s email appointment confirmation service. [...]

Why Am I So Hairy?


I happen to be a very hairy woman. I could explain to you that I am African American/Belgian/Spanish/Samoan descent and so I will forever be resigned to “Wookie” status, but I won’t bore you with the genetic details. I could rail on about how the social pressures of “hair free” women and how society’s fixation [...]

An Ode To Body Hair


With hairs on my fingers and hairs on my toes, I frighten small children wherever I go. My legs are like footballers‘, All covered in fur. My armpits a mess, Of dark prickly hair. Hairs on my forearms and hairs on my hands, The hairiest mummy blogger in all of the land. I hide them [...]

The Pretty Nail

Pretty nail

Every six months or so, when I manage to get four minutes of free time by bribing my husband with Budweiser and my children with non-stop SpongeBob, I stop by the Pretty Nail Salon. I never manage to orchestrate free time far enough ahead  to make an actual appointment, but somehow you can always just [...]

5 Things I Just Don’t Get

I often shy away from admitting that I don’t get something because I don’t want to come off like some kind of backwater troglodyte, but I’m going to dive in today and fess up. If I’m a troglodyte, so be it. 1 This is my friend Shanan’s patented WTF look. If nothing else, I at [...]