You Must Vote


Today is Election Day in the US. If you’re of legal age, have you voted? Will you? The day I turned 18, women had only been voting in this country for 65 years. Sixty-five years. Less than one lifetime. Today, it’s still less than 100 years. In the scope of history, that’s a blink of [...]

7 Rules For The Election Morning-After

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Look. I like my guy, you like your guy, is there really a reason we can’t just agree about that and continue to like each other. I really tried hard not to bash your guy because I think it’s better for me to talk about how much and why I like my guy. Can’t we [...]

Speak Up and Out


The political season in the U.S. is making me think a lot about how grateful I am that we can speak our mind through voting. We should, you know, because women and men a long time before us fought for our right to vote. It’s important that we use the vehicle they gave us. Thinking [...]