Valentine’s Gift Guide for the Non-Romantic.

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Valentine’s Day insists on coming again this year and it vexes the non-romantic among us. For example, me. I hate flowers. They die. I might as well take two twenty dollar bills out of my wallet and fling them out the window of my minivan. They’re labor intensive. You get them thrust at you and [...]

The Forgotten Loves

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Today is February 15th. It is the 1503 anniversary of Khosrau being crowned king of Persia. It is St. Louis, Missouri’s birthday. It is the day of the Flores Theater fire in Acapulco, Mexico. It is the day after Valentine’s Day. From the time I was twelve, I’ve kept a Valentine’s Day Journal to record [...]

Love: A Letter to My Daughter


My Dearest Kyra, Valentine’s Day might be an over-commercialized excuse for companies to shove jewelry, sappy cards, 2-for-the-price-of-1 dinners, and stupid stuffed animals holding “I *heart* U” pillows down our throats. Don’t get me wrong; I love love and the idea of celebrating it, but the marketing sometimes leaves me bit jaded about the holiday [...]

Boycotting Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is to love what New Year’s Eve is to partying. Only without Dick. Clark, that is. Dick Clark. For everyone’s favorite octogenarian has nothing to do with Valentine’s Day. Which is probably a good thing. You know, since the last thing you’d wanna hear on Valentine’s Day is the documentation of a descending [...]

Being Single on Valentine’s Day Doesn’t Have to Suck

Single on Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is a romantic holiday full of love, appreciation, gifts, passion, flowers, breakfast in bed and hopefully a night of knock-your-socks-off nooky. But if you are single woman, you quickly realize that your Valentine runs on batteries–and you may find yourself bitter about romance. Valentine’s Day, a.k.a. Singles Awareness Day, can be exactly what [...]

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Fret about Being Single on Valentine’s Day

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So it’s almost Valentines Day. A lot of you are hopelessly single, drifting from fantasy to reality, wondering if you’ll ever find “the one.” Chances are, what with all those years ahead of you, you will definitely find the one. It may seem now that everyone in the world is coupled up and cheerful, unlike us [...]

How to Make a Puff Pancake That Will Get You Laid


Valentine’s Day is coming up and for those of you who have a Valentine, there’s only one breakfast that will guarantee you both will be taking a sick day. And by sick day, I mean an *ahem* “sick” day. This basis of recipe comes courtesy of a certain red and white checked cookbook. And, because I’m [...]

Threesomes are NOT the new Black

Winters in Salt Lake City are sorta the suck. We’re supposed to have the greatest snow on earth, but I don’t ski or snowboard, so why would I care? I was complaining about the weather to my friend Kelli, who lives in San Diego. She suggested I come out for a visit, and casually mentioned [...]