I Felt Like a Kid Again


When my husband and I started tossing around the idea of surprising our daughters with their first trip to Disneyland* during our vacation in San Diego I felt unsure and excited at the same time. I knew the holiday crowd was probably going to be a little crazy but I was almost certain that my girls would [...]

And We Will Never, Ever Vacation Again

It's all fun and cute games until Mommy doesn't get enough sleep

Recently, my husband and I tried to be fun and took our kids to the beach for a week.  As it turned out, we are the antithesis of fun, and it quickly became apparent that beach vacationing may be out of our league.  FAR out of our league. The whole messy business started with packing.  [...]

SPONSORED: I Haven’t Had a Vacation in 10 Years


St. Lucia had me at “give us your body and we’ll give you back your mind.” I know it sounds naughty and I know there is a joke here, but I am desperate for a vacation. So desperate I can’t find my dirty joke spot. It’s a sad day, folks. I’ve got about 65 million tabs open, [...]

The Five Stages of Family Vacationing

All families who go to Disneyland are obligated to take this picture.

My husband, twin four-year-old sons, and I just returned from Disneyland Paris, and I’m happy to report we are still married and still claiming the children. Though this was not our first family vacation, I was still rocked by the stress of it. I foolishly believed we had finally figured out how to enjoy vacation [...]

Tips to Survive Your Summer Vacation

Look, kids! Big Ben... Parliament!

Vacation.You know, that time when you’re supposed to get away from work and all the hassles of daily life When you’re NOT supposed to think about stuff like bills or paying for your kids’ college funds or whether the next season of Community will be as good as the first three. It’s a time for [...]

My Travel Hound Satiating Staycation


I know that I’m lucky to have traveled as much as I already have in my life. The thing of it is though, once you’ve had a taste, the need to see new places, savor new food and view the world from 38,000 feet suctions on to your brain like an octopus on a large, [...]

I Survived Spring Break and All I Got Was This Lousy Tee Shirt

Where can I buy one of these? ANYONE?

Ah Spring Break! When I was a teacher, I looked forward to it. Three months without any break to speak of and a week off was more than welcome. Now that I’ve been a stay-at-home/work-at-home parent  for more than ten years, I have changed my tune ever so slightly. My kids have some, errrr, challenges. [...]

Moms Take Vegas


Moms stuff a fantastical number of accomplishments into each and every day. They work and parent and schedule and play cab driver and love and clean and nurse. And they worry. Oh how do they worry. (I honestly didn’t think of myself as the worrying type until I saw a book called Women Who Worry [...]

What I Did on My Summer Vacation

My view for six days of my summer vacation. No, not the feet, silly! The kid!

  Nothing.  Everyone knows parents don’t get a vacation in the summer. The end. I KEED! I mean, sure, we did stuff but it wasn’t all glamorous and cool and stuff like some of the kids I know (Greece, Paris, cruises, cross-country trips. WHAT. EVER.). We’re more of the “cheap and easy and the least [...]

Travelling with Teens? AIM LOW.

"JC Little and family travelling"

These days, travelling with my huz and kids looks just like this. I’m actually kinda getting used to a family vacation 80% success rate. Hell, I’ll even celebrate it! I mean 4/5 on the plane/train/automobile ain’t too bad, right?

Planning a Vacation after Having Kids

This post is by Vikki Reich, a zen master in a neurotic sheep’s clothing. She blogs regularly at uppoppedafox.com. We hunted her down on Twitter and demanded she write for us because she is funny, smart, and can handle her booze. This summer, my partner and I will be heading to Portugal with our kids for a few [...]

Breathing Privates and Simple Things

Luckily my shoulder is double jointed and I took my own picture from behind.

I was recently gifted a beach house for a week. Before you get all “Why do YOU deserve a week at the beach?” let me tell you that a friend took mercy on my soul because, well, let’s just say, I live a very high stress life. I work with my husband for the nearly [...]