Dear Victoria’s Secret: You Must Be Drunk…

karate mama aiming low

As I have gotten older and wider, I have amassed a longer list of stores I frequent less often. Stores that cater to the ultra-thin demographic. Stores that only have extremely tight-fitting clothes. Stores that peddle merchandise that is designed to place advertising (via words) on my butt. I am looking at you Abercrombie & [...]

My Dog Can Totally Eat Underwear Faster than Your Dog

Meet Barney. She is pretty much a picture perfect dog. When taking her for walks I have people stop their cars to tell me what a beautiful dog she is and to ask where I got her. Which is totally not creepy at all, by the way. Aside from her picture perfection she has a few [...]

How to Have the Banging-est Underwear Drawer Ever

underwear caicque

Aiming Low likes to keep things mediocre, but I feel like Aiming Low Teach is trying to refine us a little bit.  All of a sudden, the staff is wearing deodorant and filing their taxes on time.  So, in an effort to up our game little by little (baby steps, y’all), I’d like to school [...]

Survival Skill: Never Follow a Man Not Wearing Underpants into A Forest

photo by besighyawn

It all started one day while we were visiting my dad in Arkansas. Now, no offense to all you Arkansonians out there, but to me, the state of Arkansas is kinda boring. Or, at least, the part of it where my dad lives. Pretty much the main attractions are: Fishing Hunting Cleaning out one’s belly [...]

The Great Thong Conspiracy

Photo courtesy of pattista

My husband has a theory about courtship: Dating = thong. Marriage = full coverage underwear. I think it all started because he somehow felt deceived. When we were dating, I wore thongs regularly. I wore suits to work and dresses when we went out dancing. It only made sense to wear thongs because I was [...]