Top 6 Ways You Are Annoying on Social Media

Since I’m a blogger and a media junkie, I’m online more than a lot. I’ve lovingly compiled this list of things you should reconsider sharing on social media, because they are annoying. You’re welcome. 1. Combining your significant other’s name with yours as a facebook name. You aren’t conjoined twins, KatieandMichael Jones. If you are [...]

When the Going Gets Tough, Internet Friends Become Family


I often wonder whether my OB/GYN did a clean enough job of cutting the cord between me and my three sons. Because when they skin their knees, it’s me who winces. When the littlest took a kick to the ankle at soccer last Sunday, it was me who hobbled back to the car. After my [...]

How to Maximize Your Social Media


Social media is more than just Facebook, and social media tools are more than just Hootsuite. Frankly, I always found both Hootsuite and Tweetdeck annoying. Running multiple streams kept me from concentrating on a single stream. Their functionality is amazing, but their dashboards leave a lot to be desired. But as a social media manager [...]

Win This Contest From @CountryOutfittr and @AimingLow So You’re Ready To Go Boot-Scooting


The Aiming Low Non-Conference and Country Outfitters want to give our tweeting and pinning obsessed friends in lowplaces some new boots. We are launching this fun giveaway starting Monday October 8th and it will run until Saturday October 13th at 5pm EST. The winner of a new pair of Country Outfitter boots will be announced at [...]

The Real Porn for Women


The line that hits me strongest (so far) in Caitlin Moran’s book, How to Be a Woman (which my awesome friend, Andreae, loaned me), is: “Imagine if pornography was not this bizarre, mechanized, factory-farmed fucking… Imagine if it were about desire.” Moran goes on to talk about how pornography would look if women were making [...]

How to Explain Twitter to Your Friends


When I was a new blogger, I went about trying to find new and inventive ways to promote my blog’s content. Through this endeavor, I stumbled upon something magnificent. No, I did not stumble upon StumbleUpon. Well, I did, but that’s not this story. I stumbled upon the Twitter account I’d created two years before [...]

6 Things That Really Annoy Me About the Online World

smashed computer

The internet can be hotbed of frustration and anger, ranging from wanting-to-throw-the-laptop-over-the-balcony rage to slight growls of annoyance. Here’s a list of things that annoy the hell out of me online:     Advertisements. I’m not just talking about those annoying pop-ups or the even more annoying videos that launch themselves and make you jump [...]

World Exists Outside of The Internet?


Everything I need is right in front of me in screen form, so I had no reason to even take interest in the rumors I’d recently been seeing posted on blogs, tweeted on Twitter, updated on Facebook. The 2D people I knew online were hinting at something special. There was secret talk, Facebook status updates [...]

How to Deal with Negative Blog Comments

How to Deal with Negative Comments

Over the course of a blogging career, there certain things that we will likely all encounter. Spam, for instance, is almost sure to find its way into your inbox. Similarly, it is almost inevitable that you will eventually get a comment that accuses you of being less than human. This comment will both hurt you [...]

I’m Holier Than Thou, You Ungrateful Narcissists

This is me being holier than thou.

It’s kind of hard to tell, but this is me wanting all the best for the next generation.

Buck up, young narcissists, because it’ll get far worse than this before it gets better.

Status Update: How I Make My Life More Awesome Than Yours!


Everyone’s read a friend’s status update and thought, “God, their life is so much better than mine.” No, it’s not – they’re just better at making you feel like it is. So pull your head out of that oven and let me teach you to craft an update that’ll have Rachel from Tennis Camp weeping [...]

Aiming Low’s First Twitter List


There have been a lot of “lists” on Twitter. They inevitably turn into popularity contests and who’s the prom queen and king. It seemed it was time for Aiming Low to throw it’s trucker cap into the ring and come up with a list of our own. *this list was very scientifically formulated and the [...]