I Wanna See You Be Brave

Sara Bareilles

Confession: I have a huge girl crush on singer-songwriter Sara Bareilles. She is uber cute and I totally want to be BFFs with her. For the past couple of weeks I have listened to her album The Blessed Unrest at least once a day. Sometimes twice. I am completely obsessed with her song Brave. It’s [...]

Fandoms for Everyone


A few months ago I attended my first Hawaii Geek Meet. The Hawaii Geek Meet is an annual event where people of various fandoms come together, eat lots of food, and just hang out. It’s a very casual affair, with a couple of medieval fencing demonstrations thrown in. The fandoms that were represented were quite [...]

What to Do When You Disagree with a Blog Post


Welcome to the Internet! While you are browsing, you may find personal blog posts that you don’t agree with, don’t find funny, or you otherwise don’t understand. Here is a handy guide on what to do when this happens. Option A (Our most popular Option! Used by billions of sane, smart people with regular lives!) [...]

5 Ways to Avoid Being a Jerk


It has recently come to my attention that some people are being jerks. Well, not you, but maybe someone you know… this is a post for those people. Those people who have forgotten how to behave. Who’ve forgotten everything they learned in kindergarten. Since I can’t send this to the mean people I know in [...]