I Felt Like a Kid Again


When my husband and I started tossing around the idea of surprising our daughters with their first trip to Disneyland* during our vacation in San Diego I felt unsure and excited at the same time. I knew the holiday crowd was probably going to be a little crazy but I was almost certain that my girls would [...]

My Favorite City


It’s no secret that I love to travel. The thrill of exploring a new city. Being completely out of my element. Experiencing things that seem so familiar yet completely different at exactly the same time. I just can’t get enough of it. If I could, I would try to visit a new city twice a [...]

A One-Way Ticket to Australia, Please

GMF Health Cover

I am going to be an ex-pat someday. That’s right. I’m going to leave the purple mountain majesties and fruited plains to themselves. Don’t get me wrong, America’s something very special. But I am lusty for change. And I can think of no greater change than to abandon one’s home country for adventures abroad. My [...]

The Kinds of People that you Meet on an Airplane


I took my first ever flight last month. I won’t lie, I was a little nervous about flying for the first time. I wasn’t sure if I would be a bad flier or if it would terrify me and possess me to behave in some ridiculous way. Luckily, it did not. Well, except for the [...]

Keep Your Schnitzel in Your Carry-On, and Other Travel Tips

How to stay "frisch" on a train

A touching story of transcending cultural and linguistic barriers.

Escape from LaGuardia

Ladies and Gentleman? This shit is not going to happen any time soon.

Here’s my BlogHer recap: our party was awesome, I had fun, sleep is for sad bears, and Journey remains my “go-to” for karaoke. Now, let’s bitch about the flight delay from NYC to Memphis on Sunday after the conference. Never, in all of my travel history have I had an experience so incredibly screwed as [...]

The Five Stages of Family Vacationing

All families who go to Disneyland are obligated to take this picture.

My husband, twin four-year-old sons, and I just returned from Disneyland Paris, and I’m happy to report we are still married and still claiming the children. Though this was not our first family vacation, I was still rocked by the stress of it. I foolishly believed we had finally figured out how to enjoy vacation [...]

Crabbing For a Vasectomy


Washington and Oregon have higher than average suicide rates. I live in Washington just north of the Oregon border, so I think my risk doubles. While it is easy to complain about the weather in the Pacific Northwest when I am wearing galoshes in June, there are a lot of great things about where I [...]

Tips to Survive Your Summer Vacation

Look, kids! Big Ben... Parliament!

Vacation.You know, that time when you’re supposed to get away from work and all the hassles of daily life When you’re NOT supposed to think about stuff like bills or paying for your kids’ college funds or whether the next season of Community will be as good as the first three. It’s a time for [...]

MU Teen: The Dream to Explore


I’ve always had an urge to explore the world. I believe the world extends beyond the morocco-sun picket fences which hold me hostage, and that civilization blossoms more beautifully than the establishments of our two-horse town. I believe appreciation extends beyond mass on Sunday, stories are spun more carefully than the hymns we chant and glory extends beyond a [...]

My Travel Hound Satiating Staycation


I know that I’m lucky to have traveled as much as I already have in my life. The thing of it is though, once you’ve had a taste, the need to see new places, savor new food and view the world from 38,000 feet suctions on to your brain like an octopus on a large, [...]

Dear French Dude…


Last spring during March of 2011 I travelled to France, leaving my big ol’ pot of America for the very first time. Of course, one of the first places you have to go when in the city of Paris is the Eiffel Tower, and I did. I remember it so clearly. It was around nine [...]