Like For Like

Believe it or not, I was quite restrained here. I may need to talk to someone about my anger.

That’s apparently how it’s supposed to work. I will like/follow your thing if you like/follow mine. Can’t we just like or not like things based solely on whether or not we like them? I guess not. This is a post on my Facebook page wall. You don’t need to read it, because I’m not proud [...]

How to Use Facebook for Evil


Allow me to preface this post with the note that I despise people who make rules about things that are supposed to be fun. I always grind my teeth when I see a posts with the title, “The Dos and Don’ts of Twitter” or “3 Ways You’re Chewing Your Bubble Gum the Wrong Way.” I [...]

Why I Hope Facebook Dies Before My Son Comes of Age

Actual diary entry text.

Like everyone else, I’m addicted to Facebook. I update my status with carefully-crafted, pithy bon mots, links to my writing, or baby photos when I’m at a loss for words and just want to bait my friends into boosting my ego (every time I log on to Mark Zuckerberg’s Digital Crack Den, I feel like [...]

The Married Wives Affairs Club


Now then, internet. Listen up and listen up good! I am a happily married woman and do not plan on having an affair in the near future. Should I ever consider having an affair I doubt very much that I would have the forethought to sign up for one of the many hundreds of internet [...]

EZPZ: How To Watch Any TV Show Without Paying A Dime


My apartment is not wired for cable. I know what you’re thinking: How is it that you have access to a computer in 1862, Una, and are Abraham Lincoln’s acne scars really that visible in real life? But no, friends. I live in New York, what some would argue is one of the most plugged-in, [...]