What Do You Want To Be? (When You Grow Up…)

Me Inner Sanctum

If I’d planned on growing up, I guess I’d have chosen to be something like a a nurse, a teacher, or maybe a public servant. You know, something that changes lives and really matters. But since I have an incurable Peter Pan complex, I’ve always wanted to do something in the arts. And it could [...]

Navigating Life. Gollum Style


We LOVE everything!  We HATE everything! Alas, a new year has arrived and what was my first thought upon waking? Gollum. “What’s Gollum got to do with anything?” you ask? We were watching “The Hobbit” the other night and had a couple of revelations.  One, that my youngest son is a lot like Gollum/Smeagol when [...]

A Conversation With My Teenage Son

Screen Shot 2012-11-09 at 1.54.45 PM

Hey, kiddo. watch’ya doin’? Playing a videogame. What’s it about? Zombies. What’s the point of the game? You have to kill the zombies before they eat you. Did your dad buy you that game? Yeah. I figured. So how hard could it be to kill zombies. I mean, they walk really slow and just go [...]

2012 Mazda 3 Review: A Great Car for the Younger Generation


I haven’t driven a vehicle with a manual transmission since I was a regular at a joint where beers were a quarter on Thursdays, designated drivers were chosen by rock, paper, scissors, and I spent more money replacing clutches than I did on text books. When I was offered a Mazda 3 with a 6-speed [...]

You Can Be Happy


I came home from school that afternoon, counted the pills, decided they were enough, and took them all. I went into my room, lay down on my bed and drifted into a delicious sleep that I thought would never end. I woke up at noon the next day: nauseated, foggy-headed, and disappointed in myself. “Even [...]

What’s Your Horrible Summer Job Story?


Did you ever have a crappy summer job as a kid? Of course not. You were interning for the World Health Organization or volunteering at Children’s Hospital. Right.

We Need to Talk About Abortion


Right now, you might know that you would never get an abortion. At 15 I knew I wouldn’t. At 25, although I’d now encountered friends who had, I still knew. I told people I was personally pro-life, but politically pro-choice. At 35 as I was preparing to leave a volatile and abusive relationship and realized [...]

All Scars Have Stories


The other day I saw this image posted to someone’s Facebook feed: Every tattoo has a story and a meaning, but scars are full of danger, foolishness, drama and pride. They make better stories. Most of them, anyway. I have mostly-faded scars from being stung by a jellyfish. I have only-show-when-I’m-tanned scars from the time [...]

You Have the Right to Change Your Mind


People will tell you that you should be a certain way. They’re wrong. You will tell yourself you won’t listen to them, but sometimes you will. They’re wrong. You know their ideas are not a part of your core. Sometimes you’ll still go in their direction. They’re wrong.

BlackBerry: Being A Parent Of Cyber Babies

Blackberry Playbook

Video killed the radio star when I was a teen. Using a BlackBerry PlayBook you could see that video on a crisp app with your buddies, then email it to all your friends after posting it to your Facebook wall. This is the “cyber baby” generation. Age has very little to do with the term. [...]

Feel Good Music

baby moxie dances

Great minds think alike. When Britt published her post about her self-esteem playlist, I was all,”OMIGAWSH. I have been working on a post about how music can be a girl’s best friend. We are both brilliant.” I have my mom to thank for showing me the power of a good song. Even before I could say, [...]

It’s Okay to be Gay

Pride 3

I cheated this week. Written by my younger sister Chanel, this is a guest post which originally appeared on my blog. I couldn’t have put the theme of post into better words. ::::::::::::::::::::::::: It was a summer day in the year of 2001. I sat my sisters and my Mom down, tried my hardest to not [...]