Enjoy the Moment


I like technology. I like it a lot. Without it, we wouldn’t have the internet, smart phones, or social media. Three things that I have grown greatly accustomed to. There are so many wonderful things that can be said in favor of smart phones and social media. Smart phones can help us navigate to somewhere [...]

Like For Like

Believe it or not, I was quite restrained here. I may need to talk to someone about my anger.

That’s apparently how it’s supposed to work. I will like/follow your thing if you like/follow mine. Can’t we just like or not like things based solely on whether or not we like them? I guess not. This is a post on my Facebook page wall. You don’t need to read it, because I’m not proud [...]

Going Back-To-School With HP

   I received an HP Slate7 tablet and Pocket Playlist to review and keep. THE SLATE “I love the Slate!” The 9yo says as she breezes by me. She doesn’t know anything about the operating system or processor. Her only concern is how easy it is to use and how well it works.  Which, REALLY? Isn’t [...]

How much would you donate to meet someone??


I’m sure that you have played that game where people ask you “if you could have dinner with ONE person, who would it be?” Shortly thereafter – at least in times that I’ve been involved with that question – the answers start coming out.   Jesus. Martin Luther King Jr. Abraham Lincoln. The President. Betty [...]

10 Reasons Why I Think My Preschooler is in the CIA

Aiming Low Guest Writer December 2012

Dear parents of preschoolers, I’ve been dealing with this myself, but now I must share my concerns: I believe my daughter’s preschool is a top secret early CIA program. Think about it: they are in school for at least 5 hours a day! But what do you really know about what they are doing? They [...]

Get This Laptop to the ER, STAT!


My laptop had a stroke. There were no warning signs. One minute all my gigahertz and jigawatts were working fine, and the next; nothing… nada… zippo. It wasn’t a sniffle or a snort. It was sudden death. Sensing that something really, really bad had happened, I immediately called my local Apple store to make an [...]

The Dr. Kubler-Ross App

Boston Red Sox relief pitcher Jonathan Papelbon (58)

Navigating through the game of life, there are circumstances curve-ball thrown at us as if Three Finger Brown himself was facing us on the mound. I’ve had things happen in my life where if you videotaped me at that moment, you’d see a woman walking in circles, covering the same ten feet over and over, [...]

I Made it Through the Wilderness


We had a strange Spring here in Minnesota this year–the days were gray and the ground was visible. I am not a native Minnesotan, so I saw the lack of snow as a gift from Mother Nature and sometimes imagined her smiling down on me, winking and saying “I did this for you.” I am [...]

Texts I’ll Never Get


Sometimes you just have to stop waiting and wishing and instead look at what you have before you, and be satisfied. I’ll never be the wild one that Sia Furler pines after. I’ll never be the one that looks like she was born in a black leather jacket. I’ll never be the one to receive [...]

A Stakeout with Siri


As an Adult Protection investigator, I have to make home visits and people are rarely happy to see me. Sometimes, they lay low, waiting for me to get tired of knocking (which honestly doesn’t take too long because I’m not always very excited to see them either). Recently, however, I had to see a client [...]

Texting In Prehistoric Times

Archeological pre-historic human clift paint

Setting: Prehistoric Times,  a.k.a. 1977. Susan, am running ten minutes late to meet u at Leif Garrett concert. Was playing “I Was Made for Dancin’” on my 8-Track and got tangled in the tape. Save my seat!* *message scrawled on scrap of typewriter paper and attached to leg of carrier pigeon, released into the air. [...]

Live to Tell


“Instructions for living a life. Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.” ― Mary Oliver I’m no expert on life. I spend much my time huddled on the couch with a book and a blanket. Yet when I do go out with friends, I notice a shift in the atmosphere that I once enjoyed. Even though [...]