Good Morning, Nightmare! The latest in alarm clock technology

I love sleep. The only thing I love more than sleep is not waking up. This makes mornings very difficult for me, and – because I have two small children — a constant exercise in discipline, responsibility, and resentment. So I decided to see what kinds of advancements there have been in the world of [...]

Trading Blackboards for BlackBerries: Little Kids and the BlackBerry PlayBook


Two kinds of professionals make me nervous: teachers and cops. In the interest of my not getting arrested, let’s talk teachers. In the seventh grade, I had a history teacher that dictated the outline of each chapter of our American history book while also writing it on the blackboard. Like this: I. Causes for the American [...]

From Zero to Addict in 24 Hours

Look. I have used both "poo" and "dung". Heh. I told you I was predictable.

My friend and personal trainer is one of those people that plays Scrabble on her phone all of the time. Yesterday, I finally made the mistake. I asked her who she plays against. Whoever she knows that has the Scrabble app. What? I have the Scrabble app. I’ve been playing against the computer. I didn’t [...]

Top Five Mind Hacks for the New Year

One of my favorite websites, Lifehacker, features a series of “Mind Hacks” that range from cracking me up to making me sit and seriously try them out. In honor of the holidays, the new year and thousands of broken resolutions, here is my Top Ten list of mind hacks to help you out: Distract yourself [...]

Holiday Shopping Guide for the Geek in Your Life


Ahhh, the holidays. Many of you might be related to geeks and, likely, are generally scrambling about what to get them for the holidays.  There are a few major problems with shopping for geeks: You can’t shop months ahead of time, because you’ll be out of date by Christmas, and everything they want is astronomically expensive. [...]