My Authentic Self. Which One?


I’m as spiritual as the next new-ager, but I’m struggling with the life charge to find and live as your “authentic self.” For my non-spirit-seeking friends that means, dig deep inside, find your ugly truths and live them. To take it further; outer reality is illusion and only what we know and feel inside, is [...]

How To Take An Awesome Photobooth Strip

Kissing, however, is encouraged.

I have always loved photobooths. Something about stuffing yourself into a tiny space with loved ones and taking away a strip of instant memorabilia makes the romantic in me swoon. Growing up, my parents had some old photobooth pictures scattered throughout their many albums, and I loved looking at them. Four individual images, all connected, [...]

Oreo-Stuffed Cookie Cups

Screen Shot 2012-10-21 at 9.44.04 PM

It’s not even Thanksgiving but I’ve already started putting together my list of Christmas gifts I need to purchase. Yes. I’m one of those people. I absolutely adore the holiday season. I love the (nearly) guilt free overindulgence. I can’t get enough of all the twinkling lights, lawn carousel snow globes, and rooftop reindeer. I [...]

How to Improve Your Health Without Diet or Exercise


We’ve all read the articles that tell you how to cut out wheat to lower inflammation or increase exercise to lower heart attack risk, but did you know there are ways to improve your health without touching your diet or exercise patterns? Determinants of health are much more than this individual factors:   . Photo [...]

How To Make an Easy Necklace/Bracelet Wrap

Leather Beading 2

Go ahead and thank me now because I’m going to help you make a really cool wrappy necklace-sometimes-bracelet thing. I do not have a name for it except for “Wrap” (I am NOTHING if not original). The ones I’d seen at a store once were leather with pearls I think. Here’s all you need: Black [...]

How to Turn a Dog Crate into An Artsy End Table

Picture 1

My home is full of a hodge podge of stuff. Most of it was either handed down to us, or we’ve purchased it used from thrift stores or garage sales. I am all about repurposing stuff, or having stuff serve more than one purpose. While our house isn’t small–1,800 square feet for two adults, two [...]

Wine Lips


It doesn’t matter if it’s one glass or four, I get the wine lips. Since my apartment is pretty much the place where wine goes to die, I’ve looked into preventing this reaction. We all know wine isn’t the most hydrating refreshment on the market. I’m generally a dry person… dry skin, dry humor, dry [...]