Tax Time: Dos and Don’ts

IRS Form 1040

Gather your receipts, utter some incantations to the Quicken gods, and light aflame a sacrificial 1040. It’s tax time, people. Do: Get a good accountant. In life, you need a good accountant, a good lawyer, and a good dentist. Everything else really can come and go. Even if you think your returns are pretty easy, [...]

How NOT to File Your Taxes

Empty pockets

Alternately: I’ve Heard of Extensions, But This is Ridiculous My 2010 taxes were finally filed on Friday. For those of you keeping score at home, it is October. Of 2011. You are wondering how I am not in prison, aren’t you? Or possibly you are screaming at your computer “NO WONDER THE U.S. HAS SUCH [...]