Don’t Be a Twerk

Miley for Aiming Low

O.M.G! Enough about the Miley Cyrus incident at the MTV VMA’s…which was, btw, so last week! Hasn’t enough been said already a million times? (In fact, Miley herself gave us the stats with two middle birdies waving in our collective faces). Yes. A resounding YES! But…this is my piece of the net today and it’s the one [...]

Ode to the Tattoo I Would Be Having Removed Right About Now

This coulda been me

The tattoo I would have gotten if I were just slightly more responsible.

A Tiny Token of My Devotion


My husband Eric and I braved the back-to-school crowds at Target, and Eric picked the checkout line. In all the lines around us, people that had gotten in line after we had were soon signing their charge slips and heading out the door, and we were still languishing in checkout line hell. “You pick checkout [...]

All Scars Have Stories


The other day I saw this image posted to someone’s Facebook feed: Every tattoo has a story and a meaning, but scars are full of danger, foolishness, drama and pride. They make better stories. Most of them, anyway. I have mostly-faded scars from being stung by a jellyfish. I have only-show-when-I’m-tanned scars from the time [...]

Why Am I Here?

why am I here

Recently, I wrote about my secret dirty love affair with the suburbs. I love the perfect parks with their gorgeously uniform rose bushes. I love the top-rated elementary schools. I love the happy, pretty people. I love my square footage. I know that something is missing: it’s that crazy, joyful buzz and diversity of the city. [...]

How to Celebrate Your Birthday in Style

birthday cake

It’s my birthday today. Yup. I’m going to be 29 again. I’ve been turning 29 for six years now. Lots of time to get the perfect 29th birthday planned. First, I’m going to read though the journals I kept as a teenager and laugh at my angsty teenage self. This will allow me to feel [...]