5 Reasons Why I am the Laziest Person Ever

Who us? We never piss or barf.

Sometimes I look around my house and I am astonished at just how lazy I can be. Depending on the number of times I’ve ferried children to taekwondo in a given week, I can be house-lazy to the point of “Hoarders” grossness. Here are five examples of my appalling laziness: 1.  For six months, I [...]

Corporate Communication, or How To Pass the Buck Nicely

Our corporation.  Extra points if you can find the CEO.

A family is like a corporation. Except everybody loves each other and stuff.  But, mostly, there’s a lot in common between businesses and families. There are tasks: financial reports, HR management, and, in some scenarios, pink slips and filling open positions. There’s something clinical about this parallel, but it’s true. For example, everyone who’s a [...]