The Secret to Buying the Perfect Bathing Suit


I loathe the heat and pestilence that is summertime, but I do love swimming. I’m not sure if it’s wading in other people’s urine or the fact that everything tastes better at the beach, but I love to spend time in the water. It’s been many, many years since I’ve had a great beach body. [...]

4 Ways to Get That Summer Diet Going

Dog days of summer. Or is it boys of summer?        I forget.

It’s the dog days of summer! In fact, it’s a month into the summer! If you didn’t realize this, you’re probably under a rock someplace. Say hi to the bugs for me. Or you are below the equator. Or at the North Pole… Everyone seems to want to look their best in the summer. Since [...]

Channeling Esther Williams

Still life with lilies -- and Esther Williams

Dang, it’s hot. Not “it’s getting hot in here” good kind of hot, but “I have underboob rivers” kind of hot. Not good at all. Desperate (summer) times call for desperate measures. There is only one solution. Grab your flowered vinyl swimcaps, ladies and gentlemen, we are going to channel Esther Williams. Who, What, Huh? [...]

I Fudged Up, Guys.


We went to the beach a few weeks back.  The babies were slathered in SPF1345, donned the cutest ever swim suits and sun hats and were sporting their brand spanking new swim diapers.  Which leaked before we left the condo – I’m talking enough to soak little man’s trunks, run down the side of my body [...]