Day of the Plunger


Have you ever wondered why there aren’t more Thanksgiving songs? Maybe this photo explains why. I dedicate this song to those individuals who dedicate themselves to overeating to the point of physical discomfort each Thanksgiving, able to put out of their minds the lesson they should have learned from the year before. And the year [...]

EZPZ: Curiously Smart & Handy


When I was webnumbing (wherein I surf for a long time and read a lot of things on the Internet that have no meaning or purpose in my current life), I came across a little tip on creating a survival kit in an old Altoid tin. Can you stand it? I had no idea there [...]

Survivor Heroes vs Villains, Week Eight: Expectations

This episode really should have been titled “Lowered Expectations” so sit down and enjoy the downward spiral. The mood of the Villians after their tribal council was interesting to say the least. How did they react to the way the votes went and Russell’s sudden control? Pavarti thinks it’s awesome and praises Russell for his [...]

Survivor Heroes vs Villains, Week Seven: ‘I’m Not A Good Villain’

The show starts out in Villianville the morning after the double eviction tribal council. Rob is on edge, seriously on edge. He is so confused and knows that ‘something just doesn’t feel right‘. As Rob discusses this unsettling blindside with Jerri, Courtney, Coach, and Sandra the sound of giggling trolls emerges from the jungle. Pan [...]

Survivor Heroes and Villians Recap, Week Six: Banana Etiquette

That’s right: Banana Etiquette. This weeks episode of Survivor: Heroes and Villains was The Awesome. Not only were there surprises galore and a double tribal council, there was a lesson about banana etiquette AND a truckload hot dogs and pop. Bet you didn’t see that coming. Anyway, this is how it all panned out: Post [...]