A New School Year, A Fleeting Grasp of Sanity


Summer isn’t officially over until September 22. But every mom out there knows summer ends the week school starts. Ah, school. Send up a mom cheer! At one point, I was planning to homeschool. But then I re-established my link with reality. I mean, yeah, maybe if I didn’t have other stuff to do and [...]

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It's like Christmas!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  Otherwise known as “Back to School!” Although we attempt to keep our kids busy with camps, swimming and vacations, nothing beats getting back into a regular routine. I honestly think kids get bored by the end of summer. Since we on the East Coast don’t usually experience [...]

The Secret to Buying the Perfect Bathing Suit


I loathe the heat and pestilence that is summertime, but I do love swimming. I’m not sure if it’s wading in other people’s urine or the fact that everything tastes better at the beach, but I love to spend time in the water. It’s been many, many years since I’ve had a great beach body. [...]

Help Wanted: Family of Three Seeks Grill Master


Area grill masters are invited to apply this Saturday for an immediate week-ends only open grill position with family of three boys, one mother: all hardy eaters. Cooking entries begin at 11 a.m, and are open to the public, professional or non professional. Trials will begin with simple basic meat entree preparation and food handling [...]

4 Ways to Get That Summer Diet Going

Dog days of summer. Or is it boys of summer?        I forget.

It’s the dog days of summer! In fact, it’s a month into the summer! If you didn’t realize this, you’re probably under a rock someplace. Say hi to the bugs for me. Or you are below the equator. Or at the North Pole… Everyone seems to want to look their best in the summer. Since [...]

How to Take a Second Swing at Your Summer Reading List


Second swing is a baseball term, right? Or did I make that up? Because you missed the ball the first time… so… second swing? What ball, you ask? We had a list of books given to us at the end of every school year in high school that we were expected to read before the [...]

How To Make An Awesome Summer Sprinkler


“Mooooooooom, can you take out the sprinkler??! Please. Please! It’s so hot!” My kids start whining this as soon as it hits 15ºC, which is–I dunno… not very warm at all in Fahrenheit [Ed. note: 59ºF]. It’s also not very warm in Celsius, but us here in the northern climes are less choosy about our [...]

Important Summer Decisions

These need a little work. Ok, a lot of work.

Dude, It’s June (I KNOW, SO FAST) and school’s over in half the country and we have a week left. Time for important decisions to be made. While the rest of the country is trying to figure out travel plans and summer camp and just what IN SAM HILL they will do with their kids [...]

MU Teen: Summer Again

river walk

With summer comes the reappearance of the freckles across the bridge of my nose, the mosquito bites that itch something terrible, and long days drenched in perpetual sunlight. The tiny blinking lights of fireflies turn the short nights into something magical. It isn’t hard to believe that dancing faeries brought about the mushroom ring in [...]

5 Things I’ve Always Hated About Summer But Was Too Afraid to Admit

In reality, I am a bottle of Wite-Out. Apparently.

So, it’s almost Memorial Day, which basically means it’s summer. Know how I know? I just got my WHITE DENIM SHORTS out of their hibernation spot in my plastic underbed storage rectangle, which is like a hyperbaric chamber for bad ideas (also in there: a cashmere halter top and a jersey romper). Don’t get me [...]

6 Sneaky Ways To Tell Your BFF She Looks Horrible in Capris


Spring is here. The sun is coming out and the winter coats are being put away. Your BFF is asking you to come along on a spring time shopping spree because when temperatures get higher, shirt sleeves and pants legs get shorter. Being the awesome friend that you are, you go with her to the [...]

What I Did on My Summer Vacation

My view for six days of my summer vacation. No, not the feet, silly! The kid!

  Nothing.  Everyone knows parents don’t get a vacation in the summer. The end. I KEED! I mean, sure, we did stuff but it wasn’t all glamorous and cool and stuff like some of the kids I know (Greece, Paris, cruises, cross-country trips. WHAT. EVER.). We’re more of the “cheap and easy and the least [...]