Getting Served By the Mopey Dicks At Starbucks


Midday prostration begins to rear its ugly downturned head many miles and hours to go until I am reunited with my beloved single cup home brew.  On a particularly trying day befitting the choice of a comforting cup of something that will strain my wallet, if not my sensibilities, the local donut shop is passed [...]

Socially Unacceptable

No respect for the undead...

Recently, we had a completely new experience. My kids and I (I can’t really blame my husband, because he was collecting our drinks at the time) managed to drive another family right out of Starbucks. I noticed them when we arrived: two kids, a little older than ours. One of them, an angelic curly blonde, [...]

12 Shocking Things About California

Are those oranges? It's too bright, I can't see a thing!

We recently moved from Seattle to California. I’m fond of my new state, though I can’t really tell you what it looks like, since without giant bug-like sunglasses my poor little Pacific Northwest eyeballs are completely blinded every time I step outside. But here are some of my random and highly unscientific observations about what [...]

Double Shot: The Day I Became That Mom


You know those moms who speak loudly and wear wrinkled clothes and are seemingly oblivious to how annoying they are?  Today, I was totally that mom. My five-year-old daughter had a gift card to Barnes & Noble, so after work, I hauled both kids to the bookstore, stopping first at Starbucks (the one located inside [...]