How To Make A Bookmark That Stays Put

How to Make a Bookmark Out of an Envelope, Step 1

This envelope corner bookmark is great little craft to share with kids, because it takes about ten minutes and creates no mess, if you leave the olive oil out of it. If you make any envelope corner bookmarks, take a picture and share them with us!

How To Make A (Possibly Gonzo) Cereal Box Puppet

Learn how to turn a miniature cereal box into a puppet that does Ethel Merman impressions in a few short steps.

EZPZ: Never Lose Your Keys Again, Fun With Staples and Duct Tape

7 aiming low

I lose my keys a lot. Once a day, maybe more.  I probably spend 4-5 hours a week looking for them, too. I lose my phone a little less I’m pleased to say, and I only have to look for it about twice a week. I rant, I grab my hair ceremoniously and I pay [...]