Why Don’t They Make Hooters for Women?


My husband loves to annoy me. One of his favorite ways is by suggesting the family eat dinner at Hooters. The kids (I need to point out, they are all girls) hang on his every word. But they don’t understand what Hooters is. Nor do they understand the concepts of dirty old men, negative attention, [...]

MU Teen: Being a Hardcore Riot Grrrl is Exactly as Cool as it Sounds

feminism rosie the riveter we can do it

Feminism has been important to me from a young age, and I owe that to my mother and father. But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized more and more what feminism means to me. I call myself a feminist with pride; I always have and I always will. It’s something that makes up a big [...]

The Four-Letter Word Girls Need to Stop Using


  Why is it okay to call a 16-year-old a word you wouldn’t dream of using on a six-year-old? Really–why? Think about it. What changes between the ages of six and 16? At six my daughter likes wearing makeup and tight clothes; she plays dress-up. She talks with boys and plays with them. The other [...]

Under The Boardwalk

New York

It probably says a lot about how my mind works that my lasting impression of my one and only visit to New York City in 1996 was seeing a bunch of workmen peering up the skirts of female pedestrians. I remember being swept along by the tide of early morning commuters. I remember the smell [...]


credit card

So, the other day I’m window shopping inside Nordstrom’s.  Alas, there were no windows but I had no money and no intention of buying anything so, technically that is in fact what I was doing. As I walked around I couldn’t help but notice a whole bunch of men scattered around the place, all sitting, [...]

Trying to Fight Sexism

This here is a serious question, and I plan to give it a serious answer. Mostly. Dear Cecily, I’m a computer programmer, which is a very male dominated field and I work for a construction company, so DOUBLE whammy there. I’m pretty good at holding my own, but damn, it gets harder every day dealing [...]