Don’t Be a Twerk

Miley for Aiming Low

O.M.G! Enough about the Miley Cyrus incident at the MTV VMA’s…which was, btw, so last week! Hasn’t enough been said already a million times? (In fact, Miley herself gave us the stats with two middle birdies waving in our collective faces). Yes. A resounding YES! But…this is my piece of the net today and it’s the one [...]

Let’s Talk about Sex, Baby

The work of Robin Plemmons

There was recently a post that went viral, Dear Daughter, I Hope You Have Awesome Sex. I have to say, I loved it. Go ahead, we’ll wait. If you don’t want to click over, or don’t have time, the general idea behind the letter to this man’s daughter is that he hopes she enjoys everything life has [...]

Changing Your Mind

this way, that way

Every day we’re faced with a million different decisions. Often times these decisions can put us in a state of quandary. What should I wear? Do I need lip gloss? Oatmeal or cereal? Should I join the mock trial team? Should I do my homework on Friday right after school so that I don’t have [...]

What Happens After the Happily Ever After


The movie is over, the couple walks away in the sunset hand in hand. You put down the crumpled up wet tissues that you were using to wipe away the happy tears. You walk away feeling good, love is grand! We’ve all watched these movies, read those books. I know I have. But, have you [...]

Sex Shop Swinger

sex shop neon lights

I’m sure that most of you have had, or at least have heard about sex.  I’m also going to assume that you know of such things called sex shops, and that they sell all kinds of things to do with sex in them. We used to have a store here in our town that sold sexy [...]

4 Things You Must Do on Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day holds a special charm for me. Maybe it’s the wine sales. Or the candy cinnamon-lip-induced pre-diabetic coma. ‘Tis the season, after all. No matter the reason, there are a few things I really look forward to making happen on V-Day and you should too, no matter your relationship status. Dinner For the Newly [...]

50 Shades of Pay


Money. It brings out the best in all of us. Bring up the subject of money to my spouse and he will pull out the plastic milk crate proudly saved from college, climb aboard, dramatically waving both hands as he details the importance of saving versus spending. It’s not too shocking to find out that [...]

Perimenopause, Gangnam Style


Perimenopause. Why do they give something so awful such a harmless name? Do they think we’ll be so distracted by the tricky spelling and impending memory loss that we won’t realize that our bodies are shutting down? It’s like the 40-year death rattle. Your period (aka Shark Week) is like an ugly dog that your [...]

The Vagina Whisperers


You’ve heard of horse whisperers. Dog whisperers. Baby whisperers. But do you have a vagina whisperer in your life? A vagina whisperer is one who understands the vagina, soothes the vagina, makes the vagina happy and can coax a fetus to come towards the light. I am not suggesting that every lover you have must [...]

Mommy’s Secret Drawer


Do you have a secret drawer, not to be confused with a junk drawer? All mothers do. Don’t they? It’s a teeny, tiny “keep hope alive” treasure chest from before we were covered in spit up, poured into yoga pants and suffering from extreme exhaustion and Mommy brain. Maybe you use it to hide contraband [...]

How to Close on a House, Quick and Dirty


Multitasking while texting is a bad idea. Yes, we all know that you shouldn’t drive and text, but I’m here to tell you that you shouldn’t text and do anything. Ever. Motherhood has ruined my short term memory, and has taught me that sometimes you just need to stop, breathe, and give your full attention [...]

Amazing Life Advice from Someone Without a Life

corn picks

I love all these online articles that fix your life in the ten seconds it takes to read them. Want to know how to get and keep a guy? Or shave your legs so they’re stubble-free for a week? (Those two might be connected) Or lose weight and feel great? Or channel Martha Stewart? Well [...]