Being Good Enough


At least once a month I write a piece for Aiming Low’s Miss Unlimited. I write about a myriad of things. Relationships. Being yourself. Confidence. My mission is to inspire. To give hope. To let those young girls know that everything they are going through, all the awkward and difficult stuff, I’ve gone through too. [...]

MU Teen: No Date is Still Great

prom dress

Yes, folks. It’s here. It snuck up on you without you even realizing it. It’s prom season. (If your school doesn’t let out until June then your prom may be further away.) It may seem like it’s too early to discuss this highly anticipated event, but my school’s prom is just a month away and [...]

Serial Dater


I married young and divorced young. By 25 I was free and going out with new and old friends and dating. Oh wow, was I ever dating. I went out with groups of people, one-on-one dates, sometimes a few times, maybe just once and sometimes just as friends. Always. Dating. As I am about to [...]

When Your New BFF Doesn’t Know She Wants To Be Your BFF Yet


So, you’ve met this mom at 5:30 a.m. CardioPump, and she’s wicked funny and laughs endearingly with her hand over her mouth when the breast-implants-bought-on-a-girls-roadtrip-to-Mexico nasty neighbor up front hits herself in the face with the hand weights. When you see that your new crush’s travel mug reads, “Yeah. I said it. So What,” you [...]

An Open Letter to Friends I May Never Meet


We don’t know each other. We don’t come from the same place. We may never see each other in real life, though I hope it doesn’t turn out that way. We could sit over a piece of lemon pound cake and comment on each other’s phone cases and maybe talk about tattoos and trees. Who [...]

MU Teen: Don’t Let Others Dictate Your Self-Esteem

a note about self-esteem

Self-help books and magazines are always talking about self-esteem and how to feel better about yourself. I feel that they make it far more complicated than it really should be. Katt Williams makes it very simple. To summarize, he said, “It’s self-esteem; esteem of your self. How can I mess up how you feel about yourself, simple chick?” Katt Williams is [...]

I Only Wear Black Shoes


I think our preferences reveal more about us than our actions. I only wear black shoes, but I don’t like things around me to match. Not towels, furniture, dinnerware… nothing. My homes have always been eclectic minefields where memories, tradition and unique contemporary designs try to harmonize. In my early years of dinner parties and [...]

Perception Is Not Reality


What you see is not always what you get. In fact, most of the time it is not. On the surface, someone else’s life may seem perfect. Something to aspire to. Something to covet. But the reality may be quite different. In my senior yearbook a friend wrote, “We made it through high school! You [...]

A Heaping Bowl of Self-Esteem


self–es·teem / noun: a feeling of having respect for yourself and your abilities Eight, maybe 10 years ago, my older sister Tammy sent me this bowl. I suppose she sent it because she has a huge amount of self-esteem and she wanted to share that a little bit. I’ve always admired her for her no bullshit attitude [...]

4 Good Reasons to Stop Reading Women’s Magazines

Lean Legs! Tight Butt! Fried Brain! Destroyed Self-Esteem!

When it comes to women’s magazines, you name it and I’ve read it. I’ve probably even subscribed. I’ve been addicted to lifestyle magazines like Cosmo, Glamour, and Marie Claire; fitness magazines like Shape, Self, and Women’s Health; fashion rags like In Style, Lucky, Elle, and Vogue. I’ve read thousands upon thousands of magazines. I’ve spent hours–probably [...]

MU Teen: Being Heard

group discussion

Tell me: why is it so hard? To have an honest conversation, without saying things you think you’re supposed to. I expect the typical things, the superficial things, the things people think they’re expected to say, when I’m out in the world with acquaintances. But when I am with friends, people that I trust, why [...]

MU Teen: Focus on the Good the Mirror Shows

mirror image

We’ve all stared in front of the mirror with a frown, wishing for this and that to be different, smaller, bigger. Personally, I do it a lot. I’m sure we all do, unfortunately. Why can’t we just be grateful for what we do have? I stumbled upon an article earlier entitled “Meet Lizzie Velasquez: A [...]