MU Teen: No Date is Still Great

prom dress

Yes, folks. It’s here. It snuck up on you without you even realizing it. It’s prom season. (If your school doesn’t let out until June then your prom may be further away.) It may seem like it’s too early to discuss this highly anticipated event, but my school’s prom is just a month away and [...]

On Being Eleven


I am raising a daughter. She’s eleven, and smart and funny and beautiful. Unless I trip up, I always put the word “beautiful” last if I’m describing her. I want her to feel good about herself for what’s inside, but right now, being eleven, she is entirely focused on everything that is external. Clothes. Makeup. [...]

An Open Letter to Friends I May Never Meet


We don’t know each other. We don’t come from the same place. We may never see each other in real life, though I hope it doesn’t turn out that way. We could sit over a piece of lemon pound cake and comment on each other’s phone cases and maybe talk about tattoos and trees. Who [...]

MU Teen: Being Heard

group discussion

Tell me: why is it so hard? To have an honest conversation, without saying things you think you’re supposed to. I expect the typical things, the superficial things, the things people think they’re expected to say, when I’m out in the world with acquaintances. But when I am with friends, people that I trust, why [...]

MU Teen: Focus on the Good the Mirror Shows

mirror image

We’ve all stared in front of the mirror with a frown, wishing for this and that to be different, smaller, bigger. Personally, I do it a lot. I’m sure we all do, unfortunately. Why can’t we just be grateful for what we do have? I stumbled upon an article earlier entitled “Meet Lizzie Velasquez: A [...]

MU Teen: Struggles Make You Stronger


Around the time of my graduation, there was one general statement said multiple times that resounded and has stuck with me since. I believe this piece of wisdom is something that everyone should memorize and repeat to themselves and others over and over. The gist of this lesson is this: Your struggles are what builds your [...]

MU Teen: Never Changing Who I Am


There’s something incredibly empowering knowing that you’ll never change who you are, no matter what anyone thinks. You are beautiful. Exactly how you are. And sometimes it’s hard to see that. Mirrors don’t help; they only show us our (perceived) flaws. The way that I am is good enough is something I’ve been trying to [...]

MU Teen: You Are Unavoidably Loved

MU Unavoidably Loved

I do a lot of self-examination. I examine how I react to things; how I feel about people; how I make my decisions. Call it narcissistic, but I know my family appreciated it when I realized how poorly I was belting out the Cheetah Girls soundtrack. However, even with all the self-examination in the world, [...]

MU Teen: Start a Revolution – Be Happy with Yourself!


Confidence–most of the time, it’s based on other people’s opinions and how other they view you. I’ve seen it happen; it has happened to me. I’ve seen girls who’ve gotten new haircuts and felt great about themselves. Then when someone made a negative comment, suddenly they hated their hair. Girls are the worst when it [...]

10 Ways to Look Good in a Swimsuit

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Smile! Have fun! Exude confidence.

Let’s Converse About Bullying


On the first day of sixth grade, I showed up in red hi-top Converse All-stars, a black and white houndstooth skirt, white t-shirt, and a red blazer. The other grade girls wore biker shorts, giant gold earrings with their names on them, and Nikes. From the perpetually angry expressions they also wore, I suspected that [...]

MU Teen: A Letter to Haters


Dear Haters, I ain’t perfect, I make mistakes, I have my own flaws. I may not have a pretty face or the perfect body, but at least I’m proud to be myself, beautiful in my own way unlike you who judge everyone except yourself. I don’t live my life to please you. Do not judge me when [...]