So, you know how so many people post Facebook status updates the night before the first day of school? “Lunches are packed! Kids in bed! Backpacks ready! Forms filled out! Relaxing with a glass of wine and hubby!” And it’s only 8 p.m.? Some are dear friends of mine – and I hope they still [...]

5 Ways To Combat the Back To School Blues

back to school

Well, it happened. I walked into Target and found the dreaded display. Don’t be coy with me, you know which one I’m talking about. The Back To School display. Thank Goddess it’s in the back of the store so it can be avoided on some level. But the signage hits us at the entryway to [...]

Halos, Horns, and Homeschoolers


When my new neighbor found out I homeschool my seven kids, she tapped the top of my head and said, “I think I see a halo.” For the record, NEVER do that. I wanted to slug her, but like the good girl I was raised to be—dammit–I smiled politely and changed the subject. But seriously, [...]

Robert Peed on the Floor

Didn't they all look like this back then?

It happened when I was in kindergarten. Not only did he pee on the floor, but he did it while straddling two sinks in the boys washroom at Plainville Public School, and he didn’t give two shits that I was watching. I, of course, ran to the hall and told the first person I saw. [...]

How to Choose A College Major

cap on books

Going to college? Have you picked a major?  Eventually someone will make you (colleges are funny that way), so I am going to give you a foolproof plan for choosing your major. Ready? Are you sure? Choose what you love. Yeah, that’s it. Pick something you love. Have you walked around with a camera in [...]

10 Reasons Why I Think My Preschooler is in the CIA

Aiming Low Guest Writer December 2012

Dear parents of preschoolers, I’ve been dealing with this myself, but now I must share my concerns: I believe my daughter’s preschool is a top secret early CIA program. Think about it: they are in school for at least 5 hours a day! But what do you really know about what they are doing? They [...]

MU Teen: 7 Stress-Reducing Tips for Final Exams

post-it flags study

With finals exams right around the corner, I thought I would compile a list of things that have helped me wade through the days of final exams, both in high school and college: Start studying EARLY. This is key if you don’t want to have bags under your eyes and no sleep the night before [...]

Working Hard or Hardly Working?


This is the homework my six year old son came home with yesterday. To some, it’s pretty innocuous, right? You’ve got a turtle busting his shell carrying a load of rocks on the left. To the right, witness a happy-go-lucky cricket frolicking about the countryside fiddling around, raising the veritable middle finger to all things [...]

When Reading to Your Kids Goes Awry… er, Wrong


One month before the due date of our first baby, I packed the hospital overnight bags and set them at the front door. I couldn’t zip the bags closed because they were jam packed filled with books–little cardboard readers for little bitty babies. Our plans were for the babies to hit the labor and delivery [...]

A New School Year, A Fleeting Grasp of Sanity


Summer isn’t officially over until September 22. But every mom out there knows summer ends the week school starts. Ah, school. Send up a mom cheer! At one point, I was planning to homeschool. But then I re-established my link with reality. I mean, yeah, maybe if I didn’t have other stuff to do and [...]

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It's like Christmas!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  Otherwise known as “Back to School!” Although we attempt to keep our kids busy with camps, swimming and vacations, nothing beats getting back into a regular routine. I honestly think kids get bored by the end of summer. Since we on the East Coast don’t usually experience [...]

New School Year Resolutions


This fall is my ten year anniversary of having kids in school. I like to look at it that way; it’s preferable to the more accurate anniversary, the tenth year of me trying to fit into my kids’ school.   My worries over trying to figure out the secret password into the club of Happy [...]