Elementary School Pictures: Yes, You’re Supposed to Look Like a Dope


School picture day is fast-approaching, the once-a-year spectacle (twice if you count retakes) of damp, matted-down hair, “The Shirt Mom Picked Out,” and prominently-displayed horse teeth that jut out of small mouths. First off, have you seen what a school picture packet looks like these days? When our 7-year-old brought home his first one a [...]

The New Kid and Nunchucks

Oh, hi. I’m new here. New to the Aiming Low team, not like, new to the country or anything.  If anyone asks.  I’m being properly hazed by my fellow Aiming Low-ers.  They froze all of my underwear in one of the meat freezers at Costco.  They’re all currently thawing out unceremoniously on my driveway.  I [...]