Santa’s calendar: The week before Christmas

Image via SXC

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 24TH, 2013 Busy day today. Don’t know how longer I can keep up this kind of schedule. Must make sure to hydrate and refill prescriptions. Christmas comes but once a year because Santa need to take a fucking seat, y’all. Pancake breakfast in New Jersey Photos at the mall (yawn) Fly in to New [...]

Running Early

Uhrzahl Cool Wall Clock

My Dad was a military man. That meant he couldn’t be late for anything. Ever. He lived and died by that watch on his wrist. And when he had a wife and kids? He couldn’t run late. EVER. No excuse! Just means we have to start earlier! Of course, his version of “on time” was [...]

I Survived Spring Break and All I Got Was This Lousy Tee Shirt

Where can I buy one of these? ANYONE?

Ah Spring Break! When I was a teacher, I looked forward to it. Three months without any break to speak of and a week off was more than welcome. Now that I’ve been a stay-at-home/work-at-home parent  for more than ten years, I have changed my tune ever so slightly. My kids have some, errrr, challenges. [...]