What Is All This Slender Man Garbage?

This is him without the tentacles. Apparently you can make him however you like. This adds to the legitimacy of the legend.

Seriously, I want to know. It can’t be just our two kids that are totally obsessed with everything Slender Man. Can it? Know Your Meme says that he originated in a photo contest where people were asked to digitally alter a photo to make it as creepy as they could. The (urban) legend just built [...]

5 Creepy Toys My Son Will Never Play With

All play and no sleep make Furby go crazy.

The other day I was at a friend’s house. She has a three month-old baby, and my eleven month-old was extremely interested in pillaging and gnawing on most of his toys. With one exception: Peek-a-boo Bear. This looks like a pretty unremarkable stuffed animal holding a blanket. But oh, it is so much worse. “Where [...]

The Five Worst Things about Disneyland


There are eleventy billion articles about why Disneyworld is awesome. Here’s one about the ways in which it blows.