The Stigma on My Upper Lip

Dirtball at preschool pickup.

Ask me about my mustache!

I Live in an RV, but I’m Not a Redneck. Swears.

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My husband and I decided to sell everything we own (except for essentials like my Tory Burch and Sephora stockpile) and move into a fifth wheel RV with our baby and our 100 pound Bernese Mountain Dog. Why, in the name of Oprah, would we choose to do this? Our decision was threefold: 1) We [...]

Rednecks Say the Darndest Things: Here are 10 of Them

I'd hang with this guy any day of the week. Nay, EVERY day of the week.

You know what I am? A redneck, y’all. Not a hardcore redneck, mind you (hardcore rednecks don’t say things like mind you), but red enough to get the job done. And there’s nothing I enjoy more than talking with hard core rednecks. They’re in touch with who they are, they’re loyal and, perhaps most notably, [...]

Don’t judge a book by it’s lover.


My husband, he’s what you would call a “good ol’ boy.” He grew up in the mountains of North Carolina. He used to shoot groundhogs with a shotgun with his dad. He refers to excited male genitalia as “skillet handles.” He made up a twangy Christmas song about unsanitary vaginas to the tune of Jingle [...]