Top 6 Ways You Are Annoying on Social Media

Since I’m a blogger and a media junkie, I’m online more than a lot. I’ve lovingly compiled this list of things you should reconsider sharing on social media, because they are annoying. You’re welcome. 1. Combining your significant other’s name with yours as a facebook name. You aren’t conjoined twins, KatieandMichael Jones. If you are [...]

Resolution Report Haiku Style


With new found resolve I’m checking serving sizes after meals and snacks. This is serious. I’m concerned about Hubs’ weight. It’s too close to mine. More than twenty seeds from a single tangerine. I feel accomplished. When you bring the snack clearly mark it GLUTEN FREE so I don’t eat it. Searching Amazon for “_______ [...]

MothMeal: It’s What’s For Breakfast


As an ex-zookeeper, things that would make grown men jump on chairs and squeal in fear don’t phase me. What sends me into utter panic, you wonder? Moths. Fat furry flying posers. Things that fly should not be furry, except bats–which are actually flying rats. Mother Nature, fail. One of my New Year’s resolutions is [...]

I Heart The Doctor


I never thought of myself as a fangirl. Band geek? Of course. (In case you were wondering, I played the flute and NO, I did not go to band camp.) School nerd? Absolutely. (Totally not a humblebrag: I graduated high school with a 3.8 GPA.) But a fangirl? Not really. And then in the summer [...]

Daily Awesome 01/03/13


So I have admittedly had a few Pinterest-inspired failures. Recipes that don’t turn out as pretty,  altered t-shirts that don’t “upcycle” into anything wearable… it happens to the best of us! But I don’t think any of my crafting mishaps can compare to Zakary from Raising Colorado’s “DIY is Full of Danger: A Cautionary Tale”; [...]

6 Best Private Part Pins on Pinterest


I’ll just go ahead and admit it. I’m in love with Pinterest. I kinda want to make out heavily with it and take it out for a nice seafood dinner. If you’re the type of person who is visually stimulated, this site is like crack for your eyeballs. You’ll find funny shit and crafty shit [...]