Traditions, TRADITIONS!

In all its glory: The Barbie clock.

Ah, traditions. Those time-honored events our families take part in so we can remember holidays with our family. Some of them are recalled fondly and some we’d like to forget. However you feel about them, you have to admit you almost look forward to taking part in celebrations, right? In my family we’ve always done [...]

Puttin’ on the Ritz


Every few months we throw a party, and I alone care how this house looks and smells. Lacking in House Beautiful ambition, I yell at my husband and kids and stomp around brandishing dust cloths, scrub brushes, and wicked-looking gardening tools in the faces of those who impede my work. After days of manic labor to [...]

The Awkward Invitiation

Best use of Photoshop to date. Thanks @aaronvest

My friend just invited me to her friend’s birthday party. I emphasize the her because this birthday woman isn’t really my friend. I have nothing against her; she seems quite lovely except for the fact that I have met her like five time and every single time she is not only pleased to meet me [...]

Miss Twist and the Fabric Ladies


I’ve been out of state for the week for a convention. I’ll leave you to your own devices to guess what type of convention.  Star Trek may or may not be involved.  There may or may not be a pig roast.  It’s likely that I’m dressed like an American Apparel ad – minus the nudity, [...]

Pessimistic Party Planning for Two-Year Olds

princess party pic (1)

Beta Dad approaches the event of his children’s second birthday party with equal measures of dread and grumpiness.

Boston and New York. Reliving the dream.

So, this is what happened. Eight of our best friends.  An open bar.  The newest techie gadgets.  Lobster ravioli.  The most fantastic people on the planet.  Open bar.  Swag bags.  Trains.  Planes.  Taxis.   Super Secret Pizza Parties.  Open bar.   Hello Kitty rainboots.  Pictures and videos that can never EVER hit the interwebs.   Laptop and printer [...]

Aiming Low in the City

Do you wake up each morning and go…meh. Then do we have an event for you! Now, I am sure by now, you’ve heard.  We’re coming.  Boston.  New York.  Aiming Low.  In the house. Fabulous drinks, amazing food, super fun techie things to fondle (computers, and printers, and touchsmart, oh my!) , and prizes.  OMG [...]