Decorating With Animals – OR – My Marmoset Has Horrible Taste in Fabric

Image via sxc

When I found out that the latest trend in interior design is to decorate with animals, I dusted off my dog’s top hat and monocle and said, “Come, Chewie! We are going to Target!” But then I found out that what they mean is to use animals as objects and inspriation in your decorating, and [...]

4 Trends You *Need* To Know About. There Will be MuuMuus & Olive Loaf


I have a thing for handmade stuff. I’m an artsy fartsy, crafty mofo. I’m just naturally drawn to it. (Get it? DRAWN? Art joke!) I think creative people are fascinating. I love reading interviews with artists that tell the story behind their thought process. I love walking around art museums and indie craft shows and [...]