CAUTION: The News Could Be Hazardous To Your Health


I have a love/hate thing with the news. I’m not talking about politics on the cable news networks, but the nightly network news.  I consider myself a responsible grown up.  I keep up with all the happenings around the globe. I bone up on the latest injustices and horrors going on around the planet.  Usually Anderson [...]

I’m Old. I’m Good With It. But it Sucks.

I'm not too old to kills these damn things.

Contradictory, right? Deal with it. I’m a touch senile. Sure. I’m just 42. Not really old (like my wife–damn 43-year-olds), but still old. I try to stay in shape. I mean, I watch what I eat. And I consume alcohol (which we all know is a preservative). And I exercise regularly. In fact, just last [...]

That One Time I Thought I Had Treatment-Resistant Tuberculosis


I’m not a hypochondriac, not normally. But then I had kids and I was sure that I had a brain tumor. Turns out, it was just the kids. As I age, I’ve realized that I want to live for a long time… so now I’m paranoid that I’m going to die.