No Sew Hot & Cold Packs

Microwave & Freezer Bags, Original Sew Method. Removable/washable covers with lavender rice filled muslin sacks for heat. Square freezer bags.

Look, I like an easy gift option as much as the next lazy crafter, so when a friend challenged me to make a no-sew version of a gift I’d made for my kids’ teachers, how in the world could I ignore it? It’s like the Aiming Low nearly wrote itself!

EZPZ: Never Lose Your Keys Again, Fun With Staples and Duct Tape

7 aiming low

I lose my keys a lot. Once a day, maybe more.  I probably spend 4-5 hours a week looking for them, too. I lose my phone a little less I’m pleased to say, and I only have to look for it about twice a week. I rant, I grab my hair ceremoniously and I pay [...]