The Best News Source

You can find all the TOTALLY ACCURATE information in the world!  Right on The Internets!

I’ve mentioned before I live in a bubble. Part of that living-in-isolation-not-getting-out-much thing is I also don’t watch a whole heckuva lot of television, either. We no longer get a newspaper delivered (which is good, because INK ON MY HANDS! GAH!). I occasionally read online news but unless someone makes a big stink about things [...]

I’m Going To Make Up My Own Word Today


From here on in and forever, I will use any word I want to, made up in any way that fits, because I just saw it done on national television in a one on one discussion of North Korea. When recently interviewed by CNN and asked about the situation and motives behind North Korea’s leader, [...]

I Have Never Watched a Weatherman


It’s estimated that today we’re supposed to receive two to four inches of snow here in Chicago. Just two days ago it was in the mid-thirties. Been a great winter so far. For those of you in the South who are wincing now, we all hate you up here. For real, yo. Yesterday the big [...]

Curing Piggies

The ultimate cure-all

Every time things get a bit crazy in the news, and it involves the kids, I think about the whole Swine Flu outbreak a while back. I remember being enthralled by such wide-spread disruption to our normal routine. Having grown up in rural Pennsylvania, about the only thing I could compare all the ensuing school [...]