Twelve Easy Ways to Tick off a Mom Without Even Trying

mad mom

1)      Tell the mother of an only child that you didn’t realize how easy it was to have one child until you had your second. 2)      Tell the mother of several children that you chose not to have more than one out of “consideration for the environment.” 3)      Tell a new mom that she spends [...]

7 Ways I Have Already Scarred My Newborn For Life

He's rethinking the whole being born thing.

So after all of that hand-wringing about vaginal prolapse and hemorrhoids and surreptitious pregnancy farting, I finally had my baby! And so far neither my butt* nor my ladyparts have fallen out of place. *Unless you count my butt cheeks, which are now the consistency of room-temperature flan and seem to be making a mad [...]

10 (More) Things Your Baby Would Tell You if He Could Talk

No. I don't ANY Muffin man, much less one who lives on Drury Lane.

You know what kinda gets on my nerves? All the goo-goo, ga-ga stuff that comes along with a newborn. Don’t get me wrong. I mean it’s fun for me. You know, because my kid’s so adorable and all that I have no choice but to shower him with cutesie little songs and various pet names. [...]