11 Resolutions I Didn’t Make for 2012

I do resolve to eat more bacon.

Everyone on FacePlace is talking about resolutions and how they are bettering themselves and LOOK AT ME! I’M AWESOME! I’M GONNA BE EVEN BETTER! WOO! No, not bitter, why do you ask? Anyhoo. Ahem. Where was I? Resolutions. Riiiight. I’m all for making them. I mean, if you think you will actually stick to it [...]

Top Five Mind Hacks for the New Year

One of my favorite websites, Lifehacker, features a series of “Mind Hacks” that range from cracking me up to making me sit and seriously try them out. In honor of the holidays, the new year and thousands of broken resolutions, here is my Top Ten list of mind hacks to help you out: Distract yourself [...]

4 Steps to Make Your Goals CUTE Like You


About those New Year’s Resolutions: if you’re anything like I was when I was a teenager, you’ve thought about the past year and have made some decisions about how you’re going to make 2012 better. I always made some solid resolutions, but didn’t really make plans for how to accomplish those resolutions. I’ve figured out some things  over [...]

Cussing More and 3 Other Achievable Goals for 2012


Quentin Crisp once said, “If at first you don’t succeed, failure may be your style.” This cat was a visionary. And he would have had one hell of a great name for a Top 40 R&B artist. So as we welcome in 2012, I invite you to join me in embracing a failure lifestyle. Most [...]

Aiming True

Aiming True Bulls Eye.

This year I resolve to: Dance as if no one’s watching… Sing as if no one’s listening. Aim as if …meh. Don’t even bother aiming.

9 Excuses You Can Use For Quitting Your New Year’s Resolutions

shutterstock_76000657 (THREE)

So, you were inspired to make New Year’s resolutions, huh? Have we taught you nothing? Now that you went against our recommendations, we’re going to have to give you some good excuses to get out of the mess you made. In the interest of full disclosure, you should know: I am not a great annual [...]

10 New Year’s Resolutions I’m Forcing On My Kids


Since I don’t have much room for improvement, I went ahead and made a list of New Year’s Resolutions for my kids.

3 New Year’s Resolutions for Perfect People

2012 resolutions

There once was I time when I would set New Year’s resolutions to make significant changes in my life. I would vow to lose weight, quit smoking, and be a better wife and mother. Now, however, I have met all of those goals and am basically perfect. While attaining perfection is an achievement of which [...]