You’ve Got Nothing to Prove


The Doubleclicks are an awesome musical duo made up of sisters Angela and Aubrey Webber. Their music is folky, witty, sometimes geeky, and all around fun. One of my favorites is Oh, Mr. Darcy. [Side note: What is it about Mr. Darcy that makes me swoon? He’s totally jerky in most of Pride and Prejudice. [...]

I Am A Geek Dad

star wars storm trooper dad

I guess I was cool before it was cool to be…cool. I thought I lost my coolness nine years ago when #1 slid down the sperm slide. I traded my Metallica CDs for VeggieTales and my house parties changed to birthday parties. Maybe I never lost my coolness. With the rise in popularity of The [...]

I Heart The Doctor


I never thought of myself as a fangirl. Band geek? Of course. (In case you were wondering, I played the flute and NO, I did not go to band camp.) School nerd? Absolutely. (Totally not a humblebrag: I graduated high school with a 3.8 GPA.) But a fangirl? Not really. And then in the summer [...]

Nerds, Stand Up!


  I managed to dodge the braces bullet, but I wore glasses. Not just any glasses, either. I had to wear bifocals, and this was long before you could get the fancy “invisible line” bifocals, too. I was in middle school with granny glasses. I loathed them. Kids today buy non-prescription, nerd-frame glasses as fashion accessories. I think [...]

School Politics

school politics

I was recently having a conversation with friends about our school, and I happened to comment that I’m not particularly fond of school and can’t wait to leave. I was then told by an eavesdropping teacher (because apparently it’s okay when they do it) that I should appreciate my education better. The thing is, I do. I actually [...]