What The Whip-poor-will is Really Saying


Spring is almost here. One of the surest signs of this season’s approaching is the awakening of bird calls! If you’re a bird song lover like me, you’ll smile at the good mood that bird songs bring out in us. If you take it one step further — as I do everything — and are [...]

I Live in an RV, but I’m Not a Redneck. Swears.

Bryn Huntpalmer bio photo

My husband and I decided to sell everything we own (except for essentials like my Tory Burch and Sephora stockpile) and move into a fifth wheel RV with our baby and our 100 pound Bernese Mountain Dog. Why, in the name of Oprah, would we choose to do this? Our decision was threefold: 1) We [...]

How to Be A Hippie Earth Mother Crunchy Mom


Listen up chicas, you want to be famous? You want to be on the cover of Time magazine? You want legions of fans who slurp up your words like thirsty wolves sucking at the recently torn jugular of young sheep? (Okay, maybe I need to work on my similes) You want that, you got to [...]

MU Teen: Doing My Part to Help Nature


I work as a babysitter. I know–it’s not the coolest job, but it pays well and honestly there isn’t much work involved. I get paid to watch kid movies at the theater and to take the kids to the pool. What more can you ask for in a job? The other day, as I was driving [...]

MU Teen: Summer Again

river walk

With summer comes the reappearance of the freckles across the bridge of my nose, the mosquito bites that itch something terrible, and long days drenched in perpetual sunlight. The tiny blinking lights of fireflies turn the short nights into something magical. It isn’t hard to believe that dancing faeries brought about the mushroom ring in [...]

Make an Awesome Dragonfly Ornament

Super cool. Right?

I came across this craft tutorial ages ago and bookmarked it. Then, like the majority of my bookmarks I forgot all about it. Bookmarks… where ideas go to die. But the other day we were trimming the maple tree in our yard and as the maple keys fluttered into my hair like weird little bats [...]

You’ve Heard of Holiday Debt, but Eco-Debt?

Our fragile world

OK. I’ll come clean. I’m in debt. Not up to my eyeballs but, well, I’m having to beat it away from the waistband of my trousers. The credit card companies are closing in and offering me unbelievably good 12 month’s interest free credit deals that suddenly turn into something a little more Mafia-esque when the [...]

By The Time You Read This Bears Will Have Eaten Me. Or I’ll Be Living in Manhattan.


Eleven years ago, we built a beautiful home from the ground up on virgin land nestled beautifully against the Wekiva River conservation in Florida.  We were proud not only of the majesty of this home, but our extremely clever decision to build on land that would ensure that we would never, ever have neighbors behind [...]

Survival Skill: Never Follow a Man Not Wearing Underpants into A Forest

photo by besighyawn

It all started one day while we were visiting my dad in Arkansas. Now, no offense to all you Arkansonians out there, but to me, the state of Arkansas is kinda boring. Or, at least, the part of it where my dad lives. Pretty much the main attractions are: Fishing Hunting Cleaning out one’s belly [...]

Camping in the Modern World


People are often surprised to learn that I tent camp and that I have for years. My beloved and I camped well before children. We could take an hour to throw a cooler, one bag each and two sleeping bags in the car along with a book or two for me and hiking boots and [...]