One Sentence Movie Reviews – Alexandra Rosas


Warning: Movie Spoilers ahead. Hunger Games: Shaky cam clown regime makes kids duke it out and hopes no one will notice how much their lives suck. Pacific Rim:  Giant robots fight-punch crusty monsters from the briny deep. If you have a problem with this, you probably shouldn’t see this movie. Turbo:  A tale about a [...]

Is That You, Woody?


Ah, Fall, the greatest of seasons. I completely embrace that unbridled, yet never realized, Rockwellian ideal of Autumn. Pumpkin everything until you want to spit the seeds at a nun. But when it begins … you kiss your kiddies goodbye as they climb the steps of the bus, you ceremoniously high-five your spouse and venture [...]

I Admit it, I Live in a Bubble

My only link to the outside world from here in this bubble.

I’ll admit it, I live in a bubble. The nice, safe, sheltered place where I’m insulated from the outside world. My circumstances mean I don’t get out much, I rarely watch television, and I don’t have much time to goof off on the internet these days. I’ve never seen Seinfeld. Or Friends. I’ve never watched [...]

I Heart The Doctor


I never thought of myself as a fangirl. Band geek? Of course. (In case you were wondering, I played the flute and NO, I did not go to band camp.) School nerd? Absolutely. (Totally not a humblebrag: I graduated high school with a 3.8 GPA.) But a fangirl? Not really. And then in the summer [...]

How Much You Would Have to Pay Me to See “Les Miserables”?


A $22.50 ticket. What, I’m supposed to pay with my own money to see it? Hell to the no. You can pay me. And yes, I know a regular ticket is just $11.50, but if I’m going to sit through this, you’re sending me to the fancy section of the movie theater where there’s food [...]

Breakin’ Dawn

breakin dawn

I am never ashamed to admit that I am one of the people who get all hand-flappy excited over the Twilight movies. Waiting a year between Breaking Dawn Part 1 and Part 2 wasn’t exactly agony, but it did stretch the limits of my GIVE-IT-TO-ME-NOW patience levels. I was among the throng of fans who arrived at [...]

Three-and-a-Half is the Perfect Age to Learn about Zombies

zombie child

Last month, rained out of a zoo playdate, the other mom suggested a movie: ParaNorman. “Monkey’s not afraid of zombies is he?” As far as I know, the only thing Monkey is afraid of is falling asleep and missing a chance to ruin mommy’s sex life. I remembered seeing a preview for ParaNorman. Cute animation. [...]

Starship Troopers is the Best Movie Ever


I have a thing for spiders. And by “thing” I mean, a crippling, catatonic-inducing fear of them. Whether they’re small or big and hairy, they make me squirm to the point of convulsion. Here’s the backstory in a nutshell: when I was 4, I went under my bed to grab a toy. As I pulled [...]

Apparently, I Make Movie-Watching Insufferable


Every Saturday night, I relax by going to see a movie. Movies are my drug, my escape from everything; the one thing that I fall into head first and enter as if it were a door held open to an alternate reality. All that to say, yeah, movies? I just don’t watch them, I live [...]

Movie Myths of High School


Ever watch movies like “Mean Girls” or “10 Things I Hate About You*” and wonder if anybody’s high school experience is ever like the movies? Hollywood is cruel. Even the high schools themselves have been touched up on-set. Myth 1: Comfortable space. Most of my classes were in a converted bomb shelter. Really. The school [...]

Coming Soon to a Theater Near You: I’ve Become My Mother


Even thinking about the movie The Exorcist creeps me out. Like, just now, my husband just walked into our room while I was typing this and I almost peed in my pants because I thought it was the devil. I once tried to read The Exorcist, but couldn’t finish it. The book makes the movie feel like that [...]

Movies Based on Board Games: Has it Really Come to This?

Gary Busey's playing me? You can't be serious.

In May, audiences the world over were finally gifted with a big-screen version of Battleship, which thrillingly brought to life that classic ‘80s peg game in which you sat across from your cousin being like, “Um… B-8?” and he was all, “Miss!” Plus it starred Tim Riggins from Friday Night Lights, presumably as one of [...]