Built To Last… A Year or Two


I’m going to drive this car into the ground. You hear people say that. But what you don’t hear people say is, I’m going to get the last rinse cycle out of this dishwasher if it’s the last thing I do. We don’t plan out our relationships with major appliances that long. We buy ‘em. [...]

Halos, Horns, and Homeschoolers


When my new neighbor found out I homeschool my seven kids, she tapped the top of my head and said, “I think I see a halo.” For the record, NEVER do that. I wanted to slug her, but like the good girl I was raised to be—dammit–I smiled politely and changed the subject. But seriously, [...]

An Aiming Low Woman


There were two things I wanted to accomplish more than anything at sixteen: marry Keanu Reeves and have EVERYONE think I’m awesome at EVERYTHING. Hermione Granger meets Rachel Berry. So sad. I competed in a state competition for French impromptu speaking and got third place in the whole state. My teacher told me that my [...]