Tax Time: Dos and Don’ts

IRS Form 1040

Gather your receipts, utter some incantations to the Quicken gods, and light aflame a sacrificial 1040. It’s tax time, people. Do: Get a good accountant. In life, you need a good accountant, a good lawyer, and a good dentist. Everything else really can come and go. Even if you think your returns are pretty easy, [...]

How Much You Would Have to Pay Me to See “Les Miserables”?


A $22.50 ticket. What, I’m supposed to pay with my own money to see it? Hell to the no. You can pay me. And yes, I know a regular ticket is just $11.50, but if I’m going to sit through this, you’re sending me to the fancy section of the movie theater where there’s food [...]

50 Shades of Pay


Money. It brings out the best in all of us. Bring up the subject of money to my spouse and he will pull out the plastic milk crate proudly saved from college, climb aboard, dramatically waving both hands as he details the importance of saving versus spending. It’s not too shocking to find out that [...]

5 Sneaky Budget Busters

Me 'n Fred

I married Fred Flinstone. Not only does he have flat feet and a limited wardrobe, he tries to control my spending. In the beginning of our marriage, we were polar opposites on the spending vs saving spectrum. I figured the money he spent only rotating between t-shirts for casual wear and t-shirts with a pocket [...]

How Cash Makes for a Better Storm-Off


The key to making a movie-like exit from an abusive dining situation is cash. If slighted by your tablemates, you can announce your displeasure, lay your cash on the table, AND STORM OFF. You will lose much dramatic effect if you stick around for somebody to run your credit card. I learned this a few [...]

What No One Tells You About Rock Tumblers


As a kid, I always hoped for a rock tumbler. Profitable fun by picking up rocks from a casual glance down on the ground and bringing it home to your rock tumbler. I had seen before and after pictures on the boxes. You could have a sapphire or pink quartz; from grey and dull to [...]

5 Truths About Money


Unless you live under a rock, you know what a big deal money is. I’d say too big, but it is what it is. Getting smart about money now will serve you well later. Here are five things about money that I’ve learned to be true over the years: The salary you’re offered is just [...]

How to Get Rich Blogging


There are a number of blogs out there–over half a million in fact. Many of these blogs are started with the naive intent to become rich and famous. Let’s famous it, we’d all love to get paid 6 figures (or even 3 figures) to play on the computer all day. After all, isn’t playing on [...]

A Kid’s Bed For Under Five Grand? What a Steal!


Every little princess deserves a $10,000 bedroom set!

How to Fight with Your Spouse About Money

Piggy Bank

Money is the leading cause of fights in relationships. You don’t need any fancy statistics to prove that. You can tell it’s true simply by looking at couples you know. Even if they’re getting laid a lot, they’re squabbling about how to spend that hundred dollar windfall they just got from playing little lotto. Here’s [...]

How NOT to File Your Taxes

Empty pockets

Alternately: I’ve Heard of Extensions, But This is Ridiculous My 2010 taxes were finally filed on Friday. For those of you keeping score at home, it is October. Of 2011. You are wondering how I am not in prison, aren’t you? Or possibly you are screaming at your computer “NO WONDER THE U.S. HAS SUCH [...]

How to Throw Your Money Away: A Comparative Analysis


There are hundreds of invigorating ways to throw your money away. You could spend a few nights in Vegas, invest poorly in real estate, lease a Mercedes, or use your cable TV dollars watching “Dancing with the Stars.” The options are limitless. But for the purposes of this study, we are going to focus on [...]