10 Things I Love about You


There are 10 things I wish for the young women in my life. These are the things I want all women to possess. 1. Your authenticity. 2. Your honesty. 3. You never put up with people treating you poorly. 4. I love how you love people. 5. You love to learn about any and everything. [...]

Know Thyself in a Temporary Fashion

Aiming Low

Keep it real. That’s what we used to say when I was younger. It was all about being you, keeping it “one hundred” and portraying the you that you really are. Unless you want to look like Gwen Stefani. Or Janet Jackson. Or have the latest bag Paris Hilton is sporting (yes, I’m taking it [...]

How to Fight Right Before You Fight


Mostly when people “fight,” there’s an unspoken idea that the fight will end their relationship. This idea dictates how perceived slights are understood and addressed. Instead of talking about problems and working it out, issues that could’ve been simple disagreements devolve into cold wars and character assassinations. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, [...]

4 Steps to Make Your Goals CUTE Like You


About those New Year’s Resolutions: if you’re anything like I was when I was a teenager, you’ve thought about the past year and have made some decisions about how you’re going to make 2012 better. I always made some solid resolutions, but didn’t really make plans for how to accomplish those resolutions. I’ve figured out some things  over [...]

So Many Voices & You

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When I was a younger we didn’t have the influx of media and social media constantly like you have. No texting nonstop to or from people we wanted and didn’t want in our lives. We had breaks between all the hype. We had time to catch our breath; regroup. Time to remember who we were. [...]