Why Don’t They Make Hooters for Women?


My husband loves to annoy me. One of his favorite ways is by suggesting the family eat dinner at Hooters. The kids (I need to point out, they are all girls) hang on his every word. But they don’t understand what Hooters is. Nor do they understand the concepts of dirty old men, negative attention, [...]

Why I Love Bald Men

Got one? Lucky you. Don't? Here's why I highly recommend you get one.

We all know that baldness is caused by an extra dose of testosterone, the manly hormone. So bald men are, literally, more manly than your average fully haired model. Tough guy wannabes know this. This is why they shave their heads, to imitate their more manly brothers. Close cropped, shiny topped, horseshoe-headed or all gone, [...]

He’s Sexy and He Knows It

you might be a man, man, men

There are fundamental differences between men and women. Some are obvious, like having a penis or a lack thereof, while others are subtler. But there are definite nuances that separate the people of Venus from the people of Mars. Here are a few signs that you might be a man:

Girls Should Not Have to Put Up with Man Piss

toilet sickness

This is really less of an actual post and more of a request for support and answers. You my friend, are looking at a picture of my toilet. Go ahead and take that in for a minute. Got it? See, I’m a new mom. I used to have a fancy job with a fancy paycheck [...]

He can open any jar I give him, but a cold knocks him flat.

Have you ever had to deal with a sick man? One with whom your relationship required that you provide sympathy and/or caregiving? I can hear you groaning from here, so that is obviously a yes. There are a few wonderful, capable men in my life – husband, brother, friends – but I swear, even a [...]

Too Bad They Can’t Take Out The Garbage Too